"The Theater of Disappearance" ... What is Disappearing?

What does a post-human world look like? What will get us there? Are we already heading there?

These are questions I pose in thought in relation to The Pacific Standard Time Show presented by the MOCA Geffen showcasing Argentinian artist Adrian Villar Rojas in his solo show "The Theater of Disappearance." Having seen this gallery three times, my experience always became more immersive and less dark, despite the exhibit being the most low-lit art experience to date. The first time going I literally felt alien to the mundane organic and mass-produced recognizable objects composed in the refrigerator boxes arranged around the museum. The uneven earth ground, the hanging bloody meat, the cut-up fake (?) human limbs paired with nikes, the molding yams and fruit flies, all spoke to me of human's lack of technology in a post-human world. Where we continue to create and create, to progress and progress, but will never being able to fully understand the biology of our world nor ever learn how to create it. We are always in a state of mimicking that ironically takes away from the products we seek to create.

Thats my two-cents.... what's yours?


Pics of Exhibit

Article on Exhibit


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