About The Artist

Katia Swihart
I am an artist from Long Beach who graduated from Cal. State University of Long Beach in Spring 2017. I have skills in drawing, painting, woodworking, animation, crocheting, felting, sowing, sculpture, and foundry/welding.

I am still attending CSULB to get my minor in Sculpture and to get my teaching credentials.

I have been in three galleries at CSULB. Two of which were solo shows.

The 3-D Commencement Group Show 2016

Description of a Struggle 2017

We Are as Happy As We Make Up Our Minds to Be 2017

I also am the creator and curator of the public project
Dla Ludzi Mobile Gallery. This is a 1-person fitting gallery made from a recycled crate that is on wheels. I curate artwork in it every week of friends, students, and artists who reach out to me.
Began project in December 2016 and it is still on going (See "Dla Ludzi Mobile Gallery" tab for more details.)



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