Podcast Dla Ludzi Reflection:

The podcast I made for the Dla Ludzi on the Dla Ludzi tab was for a computer art class at CSULB. I had to describe an art space (to which I chose one that I made and use as means of curating and bringing together artists in my community). The process of making the video was familiar as I have used Adobe Premiere before for my performance and video art pieces. This time I used iMovie and Audacity to which I found iMovie much easier to use than Premiere as it was easy to add video and edit the length and transitions, however Audacity (which was also straight forward with its functions) was trickier to balance the volumes of my recorded voice and the background song. But overall, they were great softwares and I felt overall satisfied with what I learned and the product.

Here is a proposed lesson plan I created with peers in my teaching credential program that discusses the elements and emergence of memes and puts into question, "are memes art?"

What Do You Meme Lesson Plan


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