For class ART305 2018

Podcast Project

*podcast under "Dla Ludzi Mobile Gallery" tab.

The podcast I made for the Dla Ludzi on the Dla Ludzi tab was for a computer art class at CSULB. I had to describe an art space (to which I chose one that I made and use as means of curating and bringing together artists in my community). The process of making the video was familiar as I have used Adobe Premiere before for my performance and video art pieces. This time I used iMovie and Audacity to which I found iMovie much easier to use than Premiere as it was easy to add video and edit the length and transitions, however Audacity (which was also straight forward with its functions) was trickier to balance the volumes of my recorded voice and the background song. But overall, they were great softwares and I felt overall satisfied with what I learned and the product.


App Lesson Plan

Here is my group's proposed lesson plan that discusses the elements and emergence of memes and puts into question, "are memes art?"

Link: What Do You Meme Lesson Plan

The lesson plan we made I felt made interesting connections between art history and modern humor and technological expression. Memes is a form of satirical expression that has oversaturated our pop culture and with this lesson students will be able to understand a meme and make a meme in order to discuss socio-political themes. I felt that we worked together when we were in class, but I felt some of my partners were not respectful of other's opinions or suggestions. It then became a problem the last couple of days before the lesson plan was due because I was trying to edit the work we had and I needed confirmation on some inquiries from my group members, and for three days straight I got no reply.
But overall I am pleased with our work. I felt our objectives were assessed and that the lesson plan is cool and innovative.


Animation Project

A short animation I made that tells the tragic tale of Batman, Superman, Flash, and Spider-Man getting stuck on a Candyland board game.

Story-boarding and Script:

This project was definitely hard for me. I had a narrative in mind since I have been more actively into comics before summer blockbusters like Avengers: Infinity Wars and Deadpool 2. I am a DC fan and wanted to make a comedy skit involving DC heroes and the always loved but annoying Marvel hero Spider-Man. Because I had a specific beginning and end in mind, the video ended up being over 2 minutes long which was note intended. Cut-out animation was enjoyable but I felt like if I had more time I could have edited each photo in Photoshop to have a cleaner more saturated image and have more slides so the animation would have been smoother. I also felt like my ending was rushed. I ws trying to depict Batman's found parents as evil and the leave viewers with an ambiguous, shocking ending with Batman's eyes in the dark getting bigger and bigger but that could have been more clear and explicit. But in the end, I feel like animating is about storytelling so I am happy I attempted my idea.


What Medium is Made for You? Quiz Project

This is an example of a personality quiz I made on UQuiz that tests kids on their preference of music, art, and learning style that will help guide them to explore a medium that would fit their interests.

I see myself using this quiz right before a unit in my classroom. I would have students take the quiz and then what ever medium they get they must do a project researching that medium and making something in that medium. I created this quiz because I feel like students before reaching college assume the most expressive and valued art practices are drawing and painting. I want this project to introduce those that are more conceptual/practical thinkers and kinesthetic or tactile learners to sculpture and ceramics. I might later in my career erase the painting and drawing medium option of the quiz and just make it sculpture related: performance art, found objects, ceramics, metal, and wood (would have to work around a specific budget and safety/liability issues).  


Tutorial Video

Link: How to Make Mummy's Crepes

This was a fun activity where I had my sister and mother involved teaching me the recipe and the process as well as helping me film the video! I used iMovie which I am so confident know using. The transitions, sound editing, and text addition was a breeze and I think I made a solid film. The hardest part is being aware of the editing process while you are filming because you have to take pauses so it leaves room for editing or remember where you left off so you can transition from clips cleanly. But overall I see this as an important tool to use in the classroom in order to show students "How-Tos" that children can refer to even after my instruction and to have at-home instruction.


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